What & how is your hero?

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What & how is your hero?

Post by Zaphirs_BlackOak » 12 Oct 2013, 12:29

Had your 'Rune Ego' been a character living in a fantasy world, like Scandinavia 675-1050, What would it have been?

Do us a story about it -and Ill give ya mine as well :wink:

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Post by Zaphirs_Pan » 14 Oct 2013, 18:16

Hhihihihihihihih i'll take some time and put some effort into this when i have some time. Very good idea BO, i like x

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Post by =iNi=Phoenix » 23 Oct 2013, 03:50

~~I actually enjoy writing, so I hope you can enjoy. I am writing from NA servers, of course. HOV was new around this time! I had terrible ping, hence most of you dont know me. Here goes..(I want to hear BlackOaks!)

Around age of 13 or so, young Johan Johnson was introduced to the Art
of Viking Combat by his scrappy brother, aged 17. Now yohan was a
politician, full of communication and easy laughs. Not often did he
get to taste vicious competition in a physical form he enjoyed. So he
started to compete, casually at first of course. However, he soon
noticed that his skills matched his competitors, and after time,
exceeded that of much of his opponents. His easyness to laugh at the
face of the enemy, not to mock or jest, but to express his delight at
the prospect of finding a worthy adversary earned him admiration
among his peers; his humbleness in defeat earned him respect. He
quickly rose through the ranks, proving his worth as one of the best
of his region. He became of age, and was offered passage rites into a
revered clan. Many battles over the course of 4 years were fought,
some victorious and others were crushing defeats. Conquests from the
North American contintent were defeated time after time, yet after
every battle came terrible losses. Seemingly every week, no matter
how glorious the victory, Johan's friends and clanmates vanished at
an ever increasing rate. Brothers who had shared in the conquests
were giving way to family men, and men of craft and responsibility.
Few were left to go seeking the adventures that were needed to keep
Johans interest in the battle. So, like most that are dedicated to
their ways, he hung up his swords. He believed that a passion should
be followed to the utmost, or not at all. If he could not find
suitable fights, he would give up fighting.

2 years went by. To find
solace in his lack of fights he sought Boats, Fishing, sword crafting
and last of all, education. The final straw was when his wife died in
the birth of their firstborn child. Johan hung up his blacksmiths
hammer and picked up his handcrafted Viking Axe (He didnt stand for
any of that Dwarven made shit, no matter how good it worked. It was
always too flasy for him, and his foes looked liked sissys jumping up
and down. True warriors knew when to squat and dodge a blow, not jump
up and leap into one).

As these years wore on, he occasionally heard about the exploits of
his previous friends in battle. He preferred to keep friendly ties to
those he had fought on battlegrounds with, for he thought "Who knows
how small this World is that we live upon, I may yet be fortunate
enough to strike blades again with my companions." So he waited. And
he watched. And in due time, warriors who had been burdened with
Wives and Children and the duties of the Family Trade/Business slowly
returned to their passion of battle. As time wore on, he would reveal
himself to them only to rekindle their camaraderie. And over time, he
learned that they too had kept their viking ways, no matter how
domesticated they appeared on the outside. So the pillaging began.
And the raping. And then more raping and pillaging, along with
torching the odd house along the way. And as their numbers grew,
slowly Johan realized that they were not just members of his
brethren clan. He realized that these were the men and women he had
been fighting for over ten years, and slowly out of respect he had
grown closer to them. Slowly he realized that instead of belonging to
clans or families, they were all brothers in their trade. It took him
13 years. He is 26 now.
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