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Ikariam and Others

Post by Koecerion » 19 Mar 2009, 01:33

Hey guys, i haven't been around mostly, ive been in touch with Krokus, Oak, and fish here and there. I am usually on irc but there was a dilemma with chatsensations (we wont get into that) so i really cant log in...

But lately ive been playing Ikariam, its a browser based city vs city ally vs ally game... pretty boring, just doesn't require a lot of attention. Me and some oldies from MoM play (cit, ronayn, ravv, quiver, baron, wardus, and a few others) If you would like to join, join server Iota.

But like i usually do here and there i put up my contact info, so feel free to contact me anywhere here:

AIM: mchad1403
MSN: Zaphirs_Koecerion@live.com
IRC: irc.eskimo.net::6667 #ikariam
FB: Send me a message.

Also i am going to attempt to log into MoM soon, but its turning to summer and ill be out biking a lot, also our spring production at school is coming up. And tennis is coming as well. So ill try to check everytime i have a chance.
My accounts are:
Koecerion: 100 temp/100 warr/100 cler
Darkside: 15 rng / 14 wiz / 13 rev

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