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Post by Zaphirs_BlackOak » 02 Jun 2008, 10:25

- Hyborian militia -

So your interested in Age of Conan too. Well welcome then good traveller, to the realm of Zaphirs.

Our plan with this guild is maybe hardcore 24/7 raiding, but in the beginning we are going to be more casual and sharing of fun experiences (and believe me AoC are awesome)

I (Black Oak of Rune, Solvar of MoM and Svartholtr of AoC), know how to shape a 'hard core' with room for 'the casual'. So, lets see whereever the light of the mules might take us.

There will be a internal part with stuff for those that choose to group with us, and a lot more to come here in this part of town !

Website & DL

Laters 8)

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