Since AoC is F2P (Zaphirs rebirth)

You really want to grab an ore and help sail this galley?
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Since AoC is F2P (Zaphirs rebirth)

Post by Zaphirs_BlackOak » 27 Sep 2013, 11:12

My current home (guild) split and crumbled, but I decided to give the game, and this old and dusty fraction a shot.

Anyone, who have been a fromer Zaphirs, ally or enemy in Rune, MoM, Savage, and Fury is welcomed to join in.

I consider 2 types of players for this attempt.

A: those that dive in and gets consumed because its crazy so huge and cool this game is!

B: Brand new F2P characters, that we ONLY PLAY WHEN ONLINE TOGETHER as sort of a old school RPG group.

Come join me -it's fun,whatever effort you pour into it 8)

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Post by Zaphirs_Howl » 27 Sep 2013, 19:53

I tried this game and can agree that it is worthwhile. I have, however, no desire to engage in something so time consuming as an mmorpg at this moment. I am waiting for Everquest until I get back into that saddle :wink:

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