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Rune II - thoughts

Posted: 17 Nov 2019, 16:26
by Zaphirs_BlackOak
Oki finally did the DL and fired it up...

-can't make my own server
-can't see who's at the servers

Re: Rune II - thoughts

Posted: 23 Nov 2019, 07:58
by Zaphirs_Howl
Haven't gotten around to it yet, those two points seem very off putting

how was the gameplay?

Re: Rune II - thoughts

Posted: 14 Dec 2019, 10:21
by Zaphirs_BlackOak
Sorry for the late reply...

But I've been extremely busy with RL, my board (and now also miniature) game, genealogy and family and my eye have been bothering me again -can't really see outta the darn thing despite the surgery.

Regaring Rune II... the lack of hype and flocking by old Runers says it all. They had a stunning chanche to follow up on the best melee game this milenna -and they made some farming crafters levelling threadmill that it but horrible. And, as they even didn't include modding -they fucked it up totally.

TBH, I've lost interest in it :?