[WOH] vs Zaphirs - TDM Cup 2004

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[WOH] vs Zaphirs - TDM Cup 2004

Post by -KoD- » 15 Oct 2004, 23:42

Hiya folks,

As you know we have to do our match this week (11/10-17/10). So we would like to prefer the sunday 17/10/04. We hope to arrange Gaisedach or Shifter-Server, but it isnt sure yet, if we get one of them; so we would be very grateful, if you can also ask around for a good server.

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Post by Saint » 17 Oct 2004, 14:05

any news about this m8s ?
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Post by Zaphirs_Timberwolf » 17 Oct 2004, 14:16

We arranged it yesterday. We fight it 19GMT today. I just don't know if we have a server yet!
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