What's ya' doing these days?

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What's ya' doing these days?

Post by Zaphirs_BlackOak » 29 Aug 2019, 07:24

I'm working on my board game isles of Midgard and ocasionally logging in Age of Conan to linger, harvest and craft.

'once in a while i log in at Discord, to see how 'ol Rune and the new grinder-game comes along, but most often logs again due the spam-like pointlesness.

Did i mention I work on Hero themes in a wiki, and have begun drawing again -a couple of drafts a week. Feels nice to have the pencil back.

Oh, and I have dived back into geneaology, meeting family I've never met or knew about -it's a blast.

As i type, i realize I've bought 'For Honour' but forgot to DL and play it -lol. Maybe my gaming days are done.

Coming week I'm going to Sweden, to visit my fathers brother -84, and the only one out of 11 left. Man will be great.

Chat with DSR_DG from time to time, last was about Mordhau -but havent been able to drag myself to DL and play. You?

Well, thats the heads-up from the old retired king -cya!

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Re: What's ya' doing these days?

Post by Zaphirs_Howl » 09 Sep 2019, 17:13

With the re-release of World of Warcraft Classic I've found myself stuck in that game, again.

The Rune Discord is a wretched place, but Mordhau is a surprisingly entertaining game. Weapons swings are very slow though, I keep trying to play it like Rune and just fail miserably.
Recommended from me.

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Re: What's ya' doing these days?

Post by Zaphirs_Aesir » 20 Sep 2019, 17:05

Hehe not much, in terms of on-line, gaming life..

Hopefully i'll get to give it another try, at this weekend open-beta in Rune2.
Let's see how it goes, looking forward to see another Zaphirs_ tag around ;)

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Re: What's ya' doing these days?

Post by Zaphirs_Conan » 22 Sep 2019, 23:40

real life ^^
just finished the new dlc for kingdom come deliverance, really nice game.
...and i just realised that i missed the rune 2 open beta this we... 8O
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